What Is The Short Time To Use The Megaphones Battery?

  What is the short time to use the Megaphones battery?

  Teaching Megaphoness use a short time has been a lot of teachers headache, it is normal to the teacher to bring a lot of inconvenience, then there is no way to solve this problem? Today and we introduce how to extend the battery life of the Megaphones.

  1, if you buy no more than 3 months then you ask the dealer to replace a new one with you There may be factory when the battery is a problem. Or to buy a new battery. Now the battery is also very cheap. I hope I can help you.

  2, rechargeable battery with the time often after the power capacity to die, it is recommended that you change the rechargeable battery, the general Megaphoness are 3.7v voltage, you can buy a Megaphones dedicated battery installed.

  Extend the use of Megaphoness can make our teachers better class, Megaphoness usually do not have time to pay attention to regular charge, so as not to damage the amplifier battery.