What Is The Ideal Speaker For The Bluetooth Speaker?

  What is the ideal speaker for the Bluetooth speaker?

  I believe many users have this view on the Bluetooth speakers, in fact, Bluetooth speakers due to technical limitations lead to sound quality is not the traditional sound quality is so good, but in fact the Bluetooth speaker is not designed specifically for the sound quality of the design. Is it really only suitable for square dance aunt? What is the Bluetooth speaker for anyone to use? Today we come together to explore.

  1, mobile phone, flat screen audio and video users

  Now many users like to watch movies or TV shows on mobile phones or flatbeds, but now the phone is not yet the level of Nokia, and the poor outreach experience has a direct impact on the viewing experience. Compared to the large volume of traditional speakers, small Bluetooth speakers with mobile phones or flat panel and other intelligent equipment is no doubt better, placed more casual. In addition, the Bluetooth connection directly allows you to avoid everywhere to find the audio line of trouble. Sound quality, relative to the phone loud speaker, there will be a big upgrade. Of course, Bluetooth speakers replaced the external release, your equipment will be upgraded to life.

  2, a car family

  Most Bluetooth speakers have Bluetooth handsfree. Put the Bluetooth speakers in the car, when the phone comes in, you can liberate your hands, press the button to answer. Of course, Bluetooth headset can replace this feature, but the Bluetooth speakers are more loud and clear, daily use can also replace some low-end car audio.

  3, outdoor fitness enthusiasts

  Like running or sports friends if you do not like with sports headphones, you can try wearing a sports speaker. These wearable Bluetooth speakers, the volume is very small, and the weight is not too worried, the use of arm bags can be the speaker "wear" on the body, while running while listening to songs can achieve better sporting effect. In addition they also have some pedometer and other functions, allowing users to better detect their own sports data.

  4, ALICE use

  With three anti-function of the Bluetooth speaker is very suitable for ALICE use. Three anti-function can handle a variety of outdoor outdoor cruel outdoor environment, can achieve waterproof, dust and shock function. The highest level of waterproof speakers for the IPX7, even for a short time to immerse the water will not be a problem, and these three anti-speaker weight control is very good, will not increase the burden of luggage. On the road, accompanied by music also bring you a better mood.

  5, elderly users

  Many of the older generation of elders like to listen to the radio, and Bluetooth speakers just have this function. Small size for the elderly to carry, and the operation of the Bluetooth speakers is also relatively simple, press the button on the body can switch channels. Some also have FM radio display, the other sound quality is much better than the traditional radio.

  6, the square dance aunt

  There is a square where there is a square dance. According to the views of many users, the most suitable for the use of Bluetooth speakers is to dance square dance aunt who had. But do not underestimate the Bluetooth speakers, small volume of the volume of the Bluetooth speakers are very loud, generally can easily cover the aunt's "array." In addition to the general Bluetooth speakers, there are some wearable "waist drum" Bluetooth speakers, you can hang on the neck or tied to the waist, after the need to practice alone "dance" is not afraid.