What Are The Protective Effects Of Megaphones On The Throat?

  What are the protective effects of Megaphones on the throat?

  Teachers are the most common occupational disease is the throat problem, how to master the correct sound skills and the protection of voice for teachers is very important. The Megaphones can help the teacher to sound well and reduce the burden of the teacher's voice. Today and share with you under the protection of the voice of the speaker.

  The teacher's most vulnerable occupational disease is throat disease. Because the teacher every day lectures, loudly talking is inevitable; In addition, but also all day "eat" chalk gray.

  Medical experts believe that the teacher is very frequent with the voice, often due to too much sound, while no attention to health care, hoarse, speechless chronic pharyngitis has become a common disease. Chronic pharyngitis is mainly caused by frequent speech, is the pharyngeal mucosa, submucosal tissue and lymphoid tissue diffuse inflammation, local congestion, redness.

  The teacher's voice is very important, need more care. Once there is trouble or hoarse voice, not only will affect the work mood and quality of work, severe cases may even threaten the teacher's professional life.

  So, how do teachers usually protect their throat?

  First, usually pay attention to lectures, Megaphones the use of appropriate language and intonation, try to peace and speak. Need to speak loudly to use the Megaphones to help.

  Second, the total time of the day can not speak more than three hours, do not talk more than an hour and a half, let the vocal cords to rest. To use more nasal breathing, breast-type breathing for abdominal breathing.

  Third, usually can usually use some throat tablets to stimulate saliva secretion. Life should pay attention to weather changes, keep the mouth clean, may wish to drink some chrysanthemum, honeysuckle or fat big sea bubble tea.

  Fourth, pay attention to diet. Drink plenty of warm water, Megaphones avoid drinking alcohol and coffee, to maintain the body's water balance can be fully moisturizing vocal cords. Avoid irritating food, eat too hot, cold and spicy food, quit smoking less wine. Even passive smoking should be avoided because smoking can significantly increase the risk of laryngeal cancer.

  Fifth, do not overuse the throat. Do not scream, do not speak loudly in noisy areas. If you feel the voice dry or talking hoarse, then stop talking. The voice of the speech to maintain normal, not too high or too low, whispered speech for the protection of the voice is also detrimental.

  Sixth, not too much clear voice. Because when this action, Megaphones the air will be violent vocal cords, thus damage the vocal cords. If you feel bad throat, then a small mouth to drink water or swallow. But if you must keep clear throat, then go to the doctor to check, perhaps reflux disease, allergies and other diseases at play.

  Seventh, when the cold or because of a hoarse voice when the infection, try not to speak.

  Eighth, proper exercise and ensure adequate sleep. Do more exercise, play and other exercise, not only can enhance physical fitness, but also increase lung capacity, for breathing, breathing and pronunciation to lay a good foundation. Exercise but also to ensure adequate sleep and rest, so tired of the day the sound organ function to be restored.

  In addition to the above points, the teacher should pay attention to learn to learn the sound, good at using pubic region sound, so pronunciation is not only sound and color, Megaphones but also can make the vocal cords alternate. But also pay attention to the sound not too long, too high, too tired. To quit smoking, less wine, timely treatment of acute inflammation of acute laryngitis and respiratory diseases, variable sound period, cold, menstrual period to reduce the sound.