​What Are The Five Channel Types Of Megaphones?

Megaphones are used in many communication devices, especially the well-known wireless Megaphones, tour guides and other Megaphones. What are the channel types for the Megaphones? What is the difference between these types of channels, let us introduce you to the following.

Speaker channel type mainly includes five, namely, mono, dual channel, left channel, right channel, stereo, the following for everyone to carry out a specific introduction.

Mono: that is, all the relevant audio signal compression, with a track to play the way;

Two-channel: that is, all the relevant audio signal compression, the audio sub-sound track and bass tracks were played with two tracks to simulate the spatial sound of the three-dimensional effect of the treatment.

Left channel: the general is the relevant bass frequency signal compression after the soundtrack to play the vocal dialogue, transliteration mostly in this.

Right channel: the general is related to the high, medium frequency signal compression after this track to play, in order to sound rounded.

Stereo: In addition to the left and right channel track play, the deep analysis of the sound after the stripping process, but also increased the center audio and subwoofer audio tracks, after this approach, the sound of the hearing more clearly Rounded and able to accurately determine the positioning of the sound. Make people as immersive.

The above is mainly about the speaker five channel types are how to deal with the sound, more Megaphones, Megaphones of knowledge, welcome to continue to pay attention to our website, if there are Megaphones related professional issues, you You can call our customer service for consultation, we must do our best efforts for you to solve, and finally hope that everyone in the purchase of Megaphones when you must find the strength of the manufacturers to buy cost-effective megaphone!