The Use Of Portable Megaphones Should Pay Attention To The Four Major Issues

The use of portable Megaphones should pay attention to the four major issues

The emergence of Megaphones, so that teachers, tour guides and so on in the liberation of the hands, and the emergence of portable Megaphones to its small size, simple operation, the user has brought more convenience. So what do we need to pay attention to when we use the Megaphones? Today, in detail and we talk about this problem!

1. The use of Megaphones should avoid the microphone is on the speaker, the volume adjustment is appropriate, so to avoid distortion and feedback whistle phenomenon.

2. Do not use the pull, drag the microphone line, or prone to poor contact between the wire lead.

3. Host battery do not charge over a long time over discharge, low battery prompts should be promptly charged, idle when not pay attention to one to two months to charge a power.

4, the use of the process to gently.

The above is the use of portable Megaphones should pay attention to the four major issues, you can use portable Megaphones to avoid the emergence of many problems. More Megaphones related knowledge Welcome to call us at any time to consult, we must be the first time to provide you with the most professional solution, but also welcome you to call us to consult, so that our expertise to provide you with the best Products and services!