The Technology Content Of DVD Player Is Not Very High

  The technology content of DVD player is not very high, and the technology is quite mature, so it is not necessary to buy only big foreign brands. Domestic brands are also possible. To buy DVD players need to consider these aspects:DVD player price, after-sales service, function, performance, decoding ability, region code compatibility,DVD player read disk ability, output interface is complete (including a variety of audio, video interface and microphone interface, etc.), a variety of practical functions, in addition to Shockproof dustproof.

  DVD player in maintenance should pay attention to the following points:

  1, put on a flat, solid plane, do not put on the carpet.

  2. Do not have any heavy weights above it.

  3. Do not place items below (e.g. magazines)

  4, in order to prevent the heat,DVD player do not put the DVD player on other devices (such as television or power amplifier), to be placed in a good ventilation position, and left and right before and after the adequate ventilation space.

  5, do not place in wet and dusty environment.

  6, do not on the above side any dangerous goods.DVD player such as a liquid object, a lighted candle.

  7. Avoid "savage operation".