The Speaker Size Determines The Upper Limit Of The Bluetooth Speaker

  The speaker size determines the upper limit of the Bluetooth speaker

  Compared to Bluetooth audio transmission, Bluetooth speakers in the sound quality performance on the greater limitations of the speaker size.

  In the audio equipment, Bluetooth speaker the volume and sound have a great relationship, the volume of the sound quality is not necessarily good, small volume is almost impossible, Bluetooth speakers belong to the latter.

  Portable Bluetooth speakers, due to volume constraints, the most common program is placed around the left and right of a full-frequency unit, and the use of passive diaphragm to increase the sense of low frequency, Bluetooth speaker the number and quality of the sound unit and the traditional 2.0 speakers Relatively large gap. At the same time limited by the volume, Bluetooth speakers in the interval between the two full-frequency unit is often very small, which will affect the separation of sound.

  As a result of this "compact" design, the quality of the Bluetooth speakers will be more limited. In order to get a better sense of hearing, Bluetooth speaker tend to have a choice in the style of sound, one of the most common approach is to increase the low frequency, with the "dynamic times" bass the first time "catch" live user ears.