The Megaphones Is The Electronic Component We Often Use

  The Megaphones is the electronic component we often use, and it can amplify the sound and let more people hear it. What is the sound principle of the Megaphones? Today and share the next speaker is how to expand the sound signal.

  The Megaphones receives the incoming signal, and the signal is amplified by the combination of the electronic components, and the amplified signal is passed through the power crystal and the sound is released through the Megaphones, and the action principle is to convert the electrical signal into a sound signal converter. The Megaphones is an important component of the sound output of an electronic product. It is widely used in various types of headphones or headphones, such as Walkman, Audio, Radio, Multimedia, Audio, or electronic dictionaries. With music, can also be installed on the phone automatic dialer, used to call.

  1. The support of the diaphragm is a part of the diaphragm. It is caused by elastic material, on the one hand fixed vibration film, on the other hand to allow the diaphragm to have a slight vibration.

  2. bracket bracket caused by the metal, the role is to support the diaphragm, coil and other weak parts.

  3. Vibrating diaphragm The diaphragm is usually made of paper, plastic or metal. The coil is connected to the diaphragm. When the coil vibrates, it vibrates with the vibrating membrane, and then drives the surrounding air. Vibrating air into a sound.

  4. Permanent magnet magnet is divided into north and south poles, the presence of the north and south poles will be in that position to create a permanent magnetic field. In this magnetic field, the same phase will be rejected, different polar will suck.

  5. Coil A conductive metal wire around the coil, once the power will cause the electromagnetic field, electromagnetic field and magnet caused by the magnetic field is roughly the same. But the electromagnetic field is temporary, and when the direction of the current changes, the direction of the magnetic field will change. The permanent magnet in the Megaphones causes a permanent magnetic field. When the current flows through the coil, the electromagnetic field of the coil will be sucked with the permanent magnetic field, or it will be rejected with the permanent magnetic field. When the current direction changes, the direction of the magnetic field will change. Phase of the phase into a phase of rejection, phase of the phase into the suction. That is, each time the current direction changes, the coil will vibrate about. The bass and bass is the number of times the air vibrates every time, that is, the frequency. If you want to play the C tone (256 Hz, 256 times per second), the phono will output 256 Hz AC, in other words, the direction of the current will change 256 times in one second. Each time the current changes direction, the direction of the magnetic field generated by the coil on the electromagnet will change. The magnetic pole of the coil is constantly changing, and the permanent magnet is sucked at one time, and the vibration is generated at a time, resulting in 256 vibrations per second.

  6. Central plate center plate is made of ring elastic material. It is used in the upper and lower left and right plane fixed coil, but need to let the coil can be vibrated before and after. So it is designed to organ-shaped, in the plane like a spring, to the coil a certain pressure. In the coil before and after the move, it can be extended slightly before and after, does not prevent the line ring vibration.

  7. Dust cover covers the center of the coil, to prevent dust particles fall.

  8. Wire and wire connected with the coil, red and black lines of the positive and negative alternately replaced, change the magnetic field coil, coil before and after the move to promote vibration diaphragm vibration, resulting in sound.

  9. Speaker speakers have multiple effects. First, it secures and protects parts of the Megaphones from protection. Second, the speaker can absorb the vibration of the speaker, as we put the main speaker on the table, the table will vibrate with the speaker, suck the sound of the speaker. Third, when the diaphragm in the vibration, it is not only vibration in front of the air, the diaphragm behind the air will also be vibrated. Sound inside the speaker will be made by the reflection of the pipeline out, times the sound.

  10. Reflect the sound of the channel will be reflected from the outside of the sound, times the sound.

  11. Control circuit board The frequency of AC used in our home is 50Hz, that is, 50 times per minute. When playing the sound, we need to keep the frequency change. The role of the control circuit board is to read the required frequency, and then control the output AC frequency. Create different sound effects.

  12. Variable resistance When you change the size of the speaker sound is to adjust the resistance in the circuit, the resistance rises, the current will be weakened, leading to the coil of the vibration weakened. On the contrary when you turn down, the current will increase, the coil of the vibration increases, the sound will increase. When the signal from the signal source (such as DVD player to read the CD signal) through the amplifier to enlarge the current (vacuum tube amplifier is amplified voltage), came to the speaker's voice coil, according to the right hand ampere theorem through the current around the current magnetic field , When the voice coil through the current, resulting in magnetic field, and the speaker magnet fixed magnetic field, resulting in homosexual repulsion, the opposite sex suction, resulting in vibration. The voice coil of the voice coil is connected to the carcass, and the carcass is moved by the left hand theorem, and the carcass vibrates the air to make a sound. The greater the carcass frequency can be lower.

  The above is the principle of Megaphones sound expansion, by expanding the sound, the Megaphones can reduce the voice of occupational diseases.