The Megaphones Is A Good Helper For The Tour Guide

Tour guide Megaphones, tour guides necessary Megaphoness!

First, the tour guide Megaphones Overview:

Tour guide Megaphones are generally divided into waist-mounted Megaphones power between 5W-9W, for about 50 people around the team, the other is a portable speaker power between 15W-35, suitable for large flow of people The tour guide team.

Second, the role of tour guide megaphone:

The tour guide is to guide the tour, so that visitors feel the beauty of landscape, because the majority of traffic is the traffic flow, and the tour guide's voice can not meet the needs of each visitor, so with the tour guide speaker so that visitors can clearly hear the tour guide explained Customs and human culture, can greatly reduce the work of the staff of the tour guide.

Third, the tour guide amplifier brand:

More stable on the market brands are: Ya Hyun, victory, state, Tian Sheng, love class.

Tour guide Megaphones, not only can effectively protect the tour guide's voice, but also allows more visitors to more clearly hear the voice of the tour guide, you can make the work of the tour easier, the effect is better.

The application of Megaphones is becoming more and more extensive. In some suburbs, especially in urban and rural areas, car shops are attracting more and more people. They use Megaphones to broadcast the prices of products and attract low prices. Buy Desire!

The Megaphones was originally used in the broadcasting system, and later evolved teaching Megaphones, guided by Megaphones, promotional Megaphones, the principle is the same, the human voice to expand several times or even several times to several thousand times , To see the volume of individual needs to control!