The Maintenance Of DVD Player

  The maintenance of DVD player

  1, pay attention to heat: DVD players should be placed in no sun exposure, away from other sources and thermal radiation source and dry place.

  2, pay attention to moisture: should be avoided by the impact of greater humidity changes, should keep dry, clean, prevent dust, moisture intrusion into the machine.

  3, prevent vibration: should not be used in the vibration of the place, the player in the vibration will affect the error correction function, while aggravating the search burden, so that the bald head accelerated aging. Handling should also be careful, no percussion, collisions and so on.

  4, avoid stress: do not put the TV and other heavy weights directly on the amplifier or DVD player.

  5, prevent interference: in the reception of television, radio, it is best to turn off the player to prevent noise and snowflakes interference.

  6, do a good job: cleaning machines, avoid the use of volatile solvents and water, can be used dry cloth light wipe machine.

  7, the correct connection: in the Access or remove any joint operation, the power should be turned off first. This avoids damage to the machine or other equipment associated with it.

  8, love the cable: When the cable is connected or disconnected (including the AC power cord) should seize the connector to operate, but not to grasp the cable operation to avoid damage to cable and electric shock.