The History Of The Megaphones

Initially the Megaphones was invented in 1915, the PA equipment manufacturers R & D personnel once said: Megaphoness in the audio series is the weakest link, but the characteristics of the Megaphones is not used to enjoy the music To bring the senses of the assault, it is used to expand the voice of people in the case of relatively large flow of people, people can clearly hear the voice they want to hear the Megaphones just started listing is a handheld speaker Shape, use the power to open the speaker on the mouth to speak, this drawback is the need to have a hand to take the Megaphones, can not play freely, so the waist is also born Megaphoness, hanging in the waist hanging, the microphone hanging Speak directly in the mouth, the liberation of his hands, by the teacher's favorite!

The Megaphones is humble in the audio industry, but the convenience of the Megaphones listing is well known. To name a few simple examples: As the human being is more and more on earth, the teaching department needs Continuous enrollment, the classroom is growing, the students are relatively more and more teachers need to use a relatively large volume in order to allow students to hear the rear of the teaching content, a few lessons a day down the teacher's voice in the teaching process Will be subject to certain damage, such as sore throat, voice torn, etc., in order not to affect the students lectures, the teacher will have to use teaching tools to improve the volume and improve the quality of teaching, the birth of Megaphoness so many teachers applauded, on the one hand Can effectively protect the throat, on the other hand, such as management, but also can help students practice listening. In addition to other beneficiaries are also many, such as: tour guides, shopping malls and other promotional staff

The main classification of Megaphoness

The Megaphones is currently divided into: waist-connected Megaphoness and wireless Megaphoness

Waist hanging Megaphones is the name suggests is hanging on the waist, the smaller size, power in the 3W - 8W use area of 100 square feet, more suitable for teacher lectures, tour guides, and shopping malls promotion

Wireless Megaphones power is relatively large, suitable for comparison in the flow of people, the power in the 35W - 95W use area of 1000 square meters, more suitable for outdoor picnic, the elderly morning practice music, summer camp and other activities of the larger areas