The Frequency Divider Is A Megaphones Using Sound Frequency Hopping

  The frequency divider is a Megaphones using sound frequency hopping.

  Because of its use of frequency broadcast technology, greatly enhance the sound quality of the Megaphones. Not only can effectively protect the hearing health, but also can make the expansion of the sound more real, so as to enhance the speech effect.

  Traditional Megaphoness, after the popularity of the market in recent years, homogenization of competition to bring the price of shopping, making enterprises more and more emphasis on product cost rather than quality. Blind pursuit of cost, not only can not improve the sound quality, but also makes the noise more and more noise, to the user's physical and mental health to bring a certain degree of damage.

  Poor sound quality, has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the gradual improvement of living standards, the market need to upgrade the product.

  The new "divider" because the use of frequency broadcast technology, an effective solution to the traditional Megaphones sound Chong, fried, rough, shortcomings. Can improve the soft and delicate, reduce noise, so that more sound quality. Will not cause the audience dizziness, irritability, rapid heartbeat, blood pressure, entertainment at the same time so that the mood is more pleasant, physical and mental health. The divider can make the middle and high bass harmony echo, microphone input sound, but also to play a more realistic sound quality, so as to seize the audience, enhance the affinity.

  Because the use of high-end speaker system will be used in the advanced circuit crossover design, making treble crisp, full tone, bass vigorous, the band more balanced and harmonious sound, closer to the natural sound band, the eardrum can get all the sound Stimulating, more balanced, not easy to fatigue, the more you feel the better, the more physical and mental pleasure, good mood, the body will be more healthy, you can better enjoy the fun of music. More able to protect students, the elderly, infants and young children hearing system.

  It not only has all the features of traditional Megaphoness, but also on this basis greatly enhance the healthy sound quality, is the best alternative to traditional Megaphoness. So once launched, by teachers, tour guides, the elderly and other consumer groups warmly welcome the market well.