The Basic Function Of DVD Player

Read DVD-Video disc (UDF version 2 format).

Free content to decrypt after CSS or Macrovision.

Macrovision copy prevention signal waveform

Decode MPEG-2 video stream, 10Mbit/s peak rate, rate of 8 Mbit/s in a row.

Decode sound formats MP2, PCM or AC-3, through the stereo connector, optical or electric digital connector output.

Output a video signal, analogue signals (PAL, SECAM or NTSC format) using a color video signal connector, digital signals using digital video interface connector.

Most DVD players can play an audio CD (CDDA, MP3, etc) and VCD, containing a home theater decoders like Dolby Digital and DTS; new products also support DivX video compression format popular on the Internet.