Teaching The Development Of Megaphones Equipment

The first generation: wired teaching system

Advantages: to achieve the basic functions of the Megaphones

Disadvantages: the teacher fixed in the podium (such as with a fixed microphone) or in the podium around a small range of mobile (wired hand-held microphone), body language is difficult to achieve and can not book, the use of inconvenient.

Second generation: shift frequency booster

Advantages: the teacher can move on the podium on a wide range, without wearing a microphone, easier to use body language, easy to use.

Disadvantages: the sound of serious distortion, Megaphoness will also be the indoor noise amplification, more and more not accepted by the school

The third generation: FM radio amplifiers

Advantages: a great improvement in the sound quality, the teacher can move throughout the classroom, you can fully show the body language and writing

Disadvantages: the generality of the transmitter is not good, a transmitter can only be used in a classroom, the school needs to set up management, each transmitter should be numbered, with a transmitter more than people use, no way to meet the health requirements of teachers ; Second, the same school focused on the use of the number can not be too much, or interfere with each other, that is easy to string; In addition, the electromagnetic radiation on the health of teachers and students to bring more or less adverse effects, but also my government to improve One of the goals.

Fourth generation: infrared wireless PA system

Advantages: transmitter versatility is excellent, a transmitter can be used to any classroom, so give the school teacher a hand to create the conditions, both to meet the teacher's health requirements, and no school to send someone management, at the same time, The voice is beautiful and clear without distortion, unlimited number of clusters to use, never string, the teacher walking in the classroom will not affect the sound effects, and can fully display the body language and blackboard, the lesson is vivid and lively, Best effect. The system is due to the use of infrared transmission of audio signals, so the majority of teachers and students without harmful radiation.

In summary: the progress of science and technology achievements of human development, infrared wireless PA system in the full integration of the previous three generations of products on the basis of merit, in the end of 2007 turned out to be used in teaching PA is perfect, we firmly believe that, In the near future, infrared wireless public address system will become the country and the world all kinds of campus music mainstream, will allow more and more teachers to enjoy the fruits of scientific and technological progress.