Teaching Megaphones And Portable Megaphones

First, teaching Megaphone classification

Teaching Megaphones are mainly used for teacher teaching, currently divided into two categories, one: waist hanging teaching Megaphone Second: wireless teaching Megaphone

Second, teaching Megaphone power

1, waist-connected Megaphone power in the 8W or so, the frequency range of 100 meters or less, the sound requirements of high 2, wireless amplifier power in the 35W to 100W, transmission distance is far from high-frequency radio waves emitted, The terminal receives the demodulation after pushing the speaker to work. These two are used primarily for the transmission of language information.

Third, teaching the role of Megaphones

The teacher's voice must be damaged in teaching, there will be discomfort, in order not to affect our students lectures, will use the Megaphone to improve the quality of teaching can also effectively protect the voice, on the one hand easy to manage, on the other hand to help students Practice hearing.

First, portable Megaphone Features:

Portable Megaphones are well-known means easy to carry more convenient, most have a smaller size, simple operation, and so on

Two: portable Megaphone role:

With the expansion of education and tourism continues to grow, teaching and tour guides need to use the Megaphone to ensure the normal volume is also clear voice, macro to ensure the quality of teaching and tour guide to explain the quality of the birth of portable Megaphones to solve the teacher and tour guide To worry about, easy to carry, simple operation, the battery replacement more convenient and quick, well received by teachers and tour guides.

Third, the portable amplifier power:

Portable Megaphone smaller, power between 3W-8W, the sound emission frequency range of 100 meters or less, the battery includes lithium and nickel light battery, lithium battery and Nokia battery common, nickel light battery can be recharged, you can also With the ordinary battery should be, due to the configuration of different general portable Megaphones need to install six batteries, do not rule out there are two -4-cell configuration.