Megaphones Strong Sound Penetration

Megaphones as the name suggests is to enlarge the sound, spread the farther meaning, relative to the speaker for the Megaphones  voice penetration stronger. According to the use of methods: can be divided into wired amplifiers and wireless Megaphones; according to the use of use: can be divided into teaching class loudspeakers, tour guide class loudspeakers, entertainment class loudspeakers.

Loudspeakers according to its size, use and use can be divided into a variety of types, each with its advantages. Portable loudspeaker due to the size of the shape, speaker limited, the general power is only 3 - 8W. The wireless megaphone and cable amplifiers are different in size, the use of different, smaller for teachers, tour guides, hanging in the waist, so that both hands play more freedom, the power is generally 3W-8W The Large size for outdoor activities, summer camps, extracurricular lectures and other places where traffic is high, the power is 35W --- 95W. Lithium-ion loudspeakers are based on the type of battery used. It solves the traditional dry battery pollution of the environment, it is mainly used mobile phone lithium technology to the loudspeaker power supply.

Use and maintenance


1. The use of loudspeakers should avoid the microphone is on the speaker, the volume adjustment is appropriate, so to avoid distortion and feedback whistle phenomenon.

2. Do not use the pull, drag the microphone line, or prone to poor contact between the wire lead.

3. Host battery Do not charge over a long time over discharge, low battery prompts should be promptly charged, winter and summer vacations should not pay attention to one to two months when the charge.


Loudspeakers are small electrical products, need to pay attention to maintenance, the following talk about how to maintain the loudspeaker to increase the life of the loudspeaker, the following look together to pay attention to the main points.

1. Protection of the microphone, the microphone is the most vulnerable to damage an accessory, line length interface is often used, we use the microphone when the plug when more attention, do not force too much.

2. Do not pull the microphone line, especially the interface of the site, it is vulnerable to injury, usually pay attention to the body's action not too much can.

3. battery maintenance, the battery must be used before the first charge a good charge, and then use, the use of the process must pay attention to power, if the sound significantly smaller, we should pay attention to the charge, if the electric discharge of the battery may be It will never charge into the power, and these common sense we must know that the cell phone battery is the same, long-term need to be sure to charge a good re-save, such as some teachers put the winter vacation, forget to charge, the results of the holiday back The battery discharge completely put all the electricity finished, the battery is broken, the loudspeaker can not be used, so after the charge to save, regular charge to save.

4. Note that moisture, loudspeakers are electrical products, circuit board if the humidity is too high, then easy to cause oxidation, so to put in a dry place to save.