Megaphones Selection Method

  Megaphones selection method

  See if the performance description is detailed

  Many Megaphones products are described as small, lightweight and other properties, in the audio circle, we all know a word "good sound must be relatively heavy, do not mean good sound." The better the performance, the selection is even more harsh. Many aspects to protect the quality of the product, the choice of raw materials may be heavier. Portable Megaphoness are wired, mostly waist-mounted and strap-style. Megaphones speakers and pickup microphone (microphone) close to each other, easy to produce whistle feedback (natural phenomenon). In this regard, experienced manufacturers design circuit will focus on consideration, both sound enough, and not easy to produce feedback.

  Second look at the appearance of the product is good

  A good Megaphones products will take full account of the use of consumers, as far as possible under the premise of ensuring product quality, to meet the needs of consumers on the appearance. R & D products are often contradictory, to measure the pros and cons, the real brand manufacturers will first take the quality.

  Three to see the user's experience

  Good Megaphones products can withstand the use of the side to use friends, listen to their feelings and ideas, I believe that the consumer has a high reference value. A hard to develop products manufacturers are extremely hope to get word of mouth publicity, that is against the effort of the affirmation and appreciation.

  Four to see whether the service is in place

  A detailed understanding of after-sales service measures and systems, the more clearly described, the more secure. Of course there are many dealers to attract consumers, exaggerated. One year warranty for two years, two years warranty for three years. Really have the ability to repair only the product manufacturers, only the manufacturers of the commitment is more authentic and credible.