Megaphones Introduction And Function

Introduction and function of loudspeaker

Loudspeakers as the name suggests is to enlarge the sound, spread the farther meaning, relative to the speaker for the loudspeaker voice penetration stronger.

According to the use of: can be divided into wired amplifiers and wireless loudspeakers;

According to the use of use: can be divided into teaching class loudspeakers, tour guide class loudspeakers, entertainment class loudspeakers.

Loudspeakers according to their size, use and use can be divided into a variety of types, each with its advantages. Portable loudspeakers due to the size of the shape, speaker limited, the general power is only 3 - 8W. The wireless megaphone and cable amplifiers are different in size, the use of different, smaller for teachers, tour guides, hanging in the waist, so that both hands play more freedom, the power is generally 3W-8W The Large size for outdoor activities, summer camps, extracurricular lectures and other large flow of people, the power is 35W --- 95W. Lithium loudspeakers are based on the type of battery used. It solves the traditional dry battery pollution of the environment, it is mainly used mobile phone lithium technology to power amplifier.


Through the loudspeaker and headset microphone to enlarge the sound, there are still many convenient features such as:

1 support FM radio function;

2 can access U disk, memory card live MP3 format music;

3 delay reverb function;

4 lithium battery charging;

5 liquid crystal display track, lyrics, electricity and so on;

6 recording function;

7 headphone playback function;

8 remote control function;

9 play movie files, video and audio sync output, english repeat.