Megaphones How To Deal With Noise?

  Megaphones how to deal with noise?

  Life Megaphones in many areas of application is very broad, aunt who used it to jump square dance, the teacher used it to class, promoters use it to attract customers. But the noise of the Megaphones has been the people to avoid. What noise does the Megaphones do?

  1, if there Zizi sound, this noise is usually due to microphone cable and audio cable shielding caused by poor, should use a good shield microphone line.

  2, the Megaphones appears to communicate hum, which is caused by electromagnetic leakage near the amplifier.

  3, the display line frequency crosstalk, it is the display line frequency signal directly through the display cable to the graphics card, to the motherboard and then into the sound card. Through the microphone away from the monitor can not be resolved. This problem is easy to appear in some anti-interference ability of the sound card. According to the investigation onboard sound card is not easy to this problem. Solution Only temporarily turn off the monitor power during recording.

  Megaphones noise is very ugly, the correct treatment can reduce the burden on the ears.