Megaphones Are Small Electrical Products

  Megaphones are small electrical products, need to pay attention to maintenance, the following talk about how to maintain the Megaphones to increase the life of the Megaphones, the following look together to pay attention to the main points.

  1. Protection of the microphone, the microphone is the most vulnerable to damage a part of the line length interface is often used, we use the microphone when the plug when more attention, do not force too much.

  2. Do not force the microphone line, especially the interface of the site, it is vulnerable to injury, usually pay attention to the body's action not too much can.

  3. battery maintenance, the battery must be used before the first charge a good charge, and then use, the use of the process must pay attention to the power, if the sound significantly smaller, we should pay attention to the charge, if the electric discharge of the battery may be It will never charge into the power, and these life common sense we must know that the phone battery is the same, long-term need to be sure to charge a good re-save, such as some teachers put the winter vacation, forget to charge, the results of the holiday back The battery discharge completely put all the electricity finished, the battery is broken, the Megaphones can not be used, so after the charge to save, regular charge to save.

  4. Note that moisture, Megaphones are electrical products, circuit board if the humidity is too high, then easy to cause oxidation, so to be placed in a dry place to save.