How Does The Megaphones Scream Occur?

How does the Megaphones scream occur?

In your work life, does the Megaphones often appear when using Megaphoness? Is this screaming a constant occurrence? A lot of people are confused, this phenomenon is the cause of what specifically? Let our technicians talk about the causes of our screams and how to defend them effectively!

When the Megaphones is near the Megaphones (especially the horn), the amplified sound of the Megaphones will be amplified by the Megaphones and then sent to the Megaphones. It is amplified to a large extent. Positive feedback oscillation. Though, we did not speak, but the vibration of the machine, tiny (beyond the auditory range) The sound will also be picked up by a highly sensitive Megaphones. After several rounds of amplification, the formation of a scream. The amplified sound has more high-frequency components (harmonics), so it sounds like a scream.

Know the Megaphones screaming phenomenon produced by the specific reasons, we in order to eliminate this phenomenon, should be from the root of the phenomenon to start, believe in promotional amplifiers, wireless amplifiers and other products in the use of screaming phenomenon will be far away from us!