How Can We Make Our Megaphone Head To Reduce The Loss?

How can we make our megaphone head to reduce the loss?
We travel when the general will choose a good place for outdoor scenery, as our tour guide, their work is a lot of voice, but also a tour guide wireless megaphone can help them, but the Megaphones due to a long time in the outdoor environment Use, Megaphones head will inevitably be the inevitable loss, how to reduce this loss to the lowest it? We should start from two aspects.
(1) Cleaning the Megaphones head. The Megaphones head is used for a period of time. Due to the influence of the external environment, such as dust, moisture, unclean tape, there will be dust, Rust, sound recording will produce serious distortion, it is necessary to use cleaning agents often cleaning the Megaphones head.When cleaning, should be dipped in detergent cotton balls, along with the head of the head gap scrub the microphone head.
(2) to reduce the wear and tear of the microphone head in the recording sound when the Megaphones, singing machine head and tape contact, resulting in wear and tear, the amplifier head wear will make the signal distortion, recording high frequency loss increases, the frequency characteristics change In order to reduce the wear of the Megaphones heads, try to avoid using the tape recorder in dusty, hot and humid environments.
Head for a wireless amplifier and other Megaphoness is very critical, we use it when it is best to avoid some of the environment is not conducive to its use, if sometimes use the occasion is that we can not change, we will often The cleaning of the microphone can be a magnetic head, so that our head will not appear other problems。