General Specification For Bluetooth Speaker

More Bluetooth headsets on the market currently, while Bluetooth speaker is relatively small. The so-called Bluetooth speaker is actually relies on Bluetooth transfer protocol as carrier for data transmission of the speaker, as most mobile devices (mobile phones, laptops, Tablet PCs) equipped with a Bluetooth chip, you do not need data cable or audio cable connection can be quickly recognized, simple operation, convenient connection.

Judging from the musical performance, CD-quality data (44.1KHz, 16bit sampling rate precision) the effective amount of audio data about 1.4Mbit, CD-quality music to be transferred, transfer rate achieved by simply keep the at 2Mbit/sec, Bluetooth "2.1+EDR" specification sufficiently qualified. Moreover, as these products often use traditional speaker acoustic structure of the mature, integrated Bluetooth module for wireless play, the sound quality and speaker products at the same level.

From looking at the specifications, while Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 standards had been raised, but the former is mainly reflected in the Bluetooth radio frequency modulation to Wi-Fi line, which is reflected in the application of automatic power control, that is low on power, from both of version reflects the progress of Bluetooth technology, but has little contact with audio applications. Chip-level applications, suitable for 3.0/4.0 version.

Mainstream speakers using A2DP Stereo Bluetooth protocol in 2012 and Smartphone tablet device supports the A2DP Protocol, so the use of perspective, Bluetooth speaker without any obstacles.