DVD PlayerThe Image Is Clear

DVD players are also collectively referred to as the disc player, is the equipment to play the film sound of the disc. DVD player is a digital video technology, digital audio laser turntable technology and computer technology combined with the production of audio and video equipment, focused on the laser technology, digital technology, precision machining technology, is the optical and mechanical and electrical integration of the typical consumer products.

The advantage of DVD is obvious, whether it is from the image clarity, the sound of high-fidelity or from the disc's playback capacity is far better than VCD, its charm is difficult to resist. So, how to pick the player?

1, look at the movement

Movement is the DVD part of the DVD player, it is the DVD player in the most critical components, it directly affects the normal use of the machine and its life, and the movement is the most precious laser head - referred to as bald. There are basically four types of DVD players on the market today. Double laser head (DUAL LASERS) movement, double focus (DUAL FOCUS) movement, double lens (DUAL LENSES) movement, dual laser movement.

2, the election type

DVD players and DVD discs and color TV as well as a variety of formats, the current market, most of the DVD are NTSC system, only a small part of the PAL system.

3, see compatibility

The compatibility of the player is the ability to play the number of discs. At present, the audio and video discs on the market are generally CD, LD, VCD, CVD, SVCD, DVCD, HDCD, CDR, CDRW and DVD.

4, with good after-sales service products

Good after-sales service should be the first consideration for the purchase of all household appliances. No matter how good the product, no after-sales service is not to buy.