DVD Player Purchase And Maintenance

DVD Player purchase and maintenance

DVD Player are also collectively referred to as the DVD Player, is the equipment to play the film sound of the disc. DVD Player is a digital video technology, digital audio laser turntable technology and computer technology combined with the production of audio and video equipment, focused on the laser technology, digital technology, precision machining technology, is the optical and mechanical and electrical integration of the typical consumer products. It's a wide variety of models, DVD Player category mainly by playing the type of disc to distinguish, generally including VCD, super VCD, DVD and EVD and so on. Video discs generally use 12 cm disc, its appearance is similar, but the disc content format is not the same as the use of different types of machine-type ordinary VCD level of clarity is generally 240 lines -280 lines; Super VCD horizontal resolution of up to 350 lines -380 lines or so; DVD level of clarity up to 530 lines or more.

DVD Player Purchase and maintenance

DVD Player technology content is not very high, and the technology has been quite mature, so do not have to only foreign brands to buy. Domestic brands (such as backgammon, etc.) is also possible (but if you buy a new Blu-ray BD player, the best is to buy foreign brands (Sony, etc.).) Optional DVD Player need to consider these aspects: price, after-sales service Function, performance, decoding capabilities, regional code compatibility, read the disk capacity, the output interface is complete audio, video interface and microphone interface, etc.), a variety of practical functions, in addition to shock and dust.

DVD Player in the maintenance of the following points to note:

1, on a flat, solid plane, do not put on the carpet.

2, do not have any weight on top of it.

3, do not place items below (such as magazines)

As shown in Figure 4, in order to prevent heat, do not put the player on other equipment (such as TV or power amplifier), to be placed in a well ventilated position, and around the left and right to have enough ventilation space.

5, do not put too wet and dust in the environment.

6, do not in any of the above dangerous goods. Such as objects filled with liquids, burning candles.

7, to avoid "barbaric operation".