DVD Player In The Control Of Playback Function Is Significantly Better Than The Video Recorder

The player can be controlled to play, it is superior to the video recorder in controlling the playback function. VCD, DVD player in addition to the video player with a linear sequential playback function, the more convenient is the following characteristics:

(A) directory optional paragraph play

Usually, the video recorder is played in a linear order, because the video festival is arranged in accordance with the linear structure of teaching content, to the video tape and out of a section of content to play, the operation is more trouble, to back and forth, It is difficult to find accurate play point, in the classroom teaching towel often used to disrupt the teacher's thinking, affect student mood, interfere with the normal teaching function. Therefore, the control of the broadcast program is a video recorder in the teaching application of a major weakness. And the player can be on the CD-ROM directory (or holiday menu) to choose to control the play.

(B) skip function and repeat play function

This is used to temporarily adjust the playback content or highlight the focus of the operation. DVD player can quickly skip some of the clips before and after the program to continue to play, both to achieve manual control. You can also set up a program in advance to automatically play continuously. But also can repeatedly play some of the fragments, and the middle almost no pause.

(C) still image function

Although the video recorder has a still image function, but in fact is the use of video head always scan the tape on the formation of a two tracks still images. So still images appear jitter, clutter and other issues, the time should not be too long, otherwise it will ruin the machine and tape. The player has a stable and clear still image function, no matter which picture to play, you can use the pause button to obtain still images. The still image of the player is formed by the information stored in the machine's memory, so the image is very stable and clear, and no matter how long the image is, there is no damage to the device and the disc. This is very useful for teaching, such as we can need to explain the picture in this way burned on the CD, when the show to play, its vividness and clarity are higher than the slide. Even more surprising is that in the playback of this still picture can also play with the corresponding corresponding explanation, music and sound effects. In addition, many DVD players also have a screen zoom function, you can zoom in on the screen, and through the remote control on the screen to move the screen content. To facilitate the teacher's explanation and student observation.

(D) hotkey function

In 1997, the State Education Commission and several large VCD enterprises jointly launched specifically for educational applications VCD 3.0 version, by the audio-visual Office named VCD-ROM, its teaching function than the 2.0 version of a big step forward. VCD 3.0 hotkey function and multimedia computer courseware on the hotkey function is very similar, as long as the arrow to the screen on the hot area (the area color), press the confirm (play) button to show the contents of the hot area Explain the text or play the relevant image, sound, and then back to the original screen, this way than the menu selection to be much faster, but also intuitive and clear, easy to understand, teachers, students are flexible and convenient to use.

(5) bookmark function

This function is designed for classroom teaching. When playing to a screen, press the pause button to get - Zhang still images, then just give it to the number, you can continue to play, to the whole film after reading or classroom summary, just press a A number, the player will immediately call up the corresponding still images, teachers can also be used in the class before the serial number, the classroom can be quickly transferred out by the number of screen to explain. This feature makes it impossible to use discs that do not have multi-level catalogs in teaching.

(6) intelligent function

VCD 3.0, DVD system has a certain logic to determine the reasoning function. The use of this feature, the player for the learners on the screen options to make the choice, you can give a positive judgment, to give encouragement, wrong to give incentives or tips to allow learners to choose again. VCD 3.0 intelligent function there is a simple calculation function, the operator can use the remote control or panel key input data for comprehensive operation and judgment, and give the corresponding results. This is very useful for students to use the disc player for individual learning.

(7) interactive function

In the VCD 3.O system to increase the user interaction and the "super chain" search function, VCD 3.0, DVD system of the mutual nature of the VCD, DVD player in the actual teaching application to play a great role, it can With the interactive media - the same computer, to achieve self-learning, individual learning and other teaching functions. And some also follow the computer's way in the user interface to set the "online help" hotkey, the operator can request help at any time, which is not familiar with the operation of the machine is very helpful.

(8) network function

Currently on the market with a simple on the same function with the VCD, DVD player, as long as the machine can join the Modem card to connect the network.

If the school or around the Educational Technology Center (Audio-visual Center) to build large-capacity teaching database, especially after the completion of VCD / DVD CD library, CD library technology and video-on-demand technology to achieve video on demand teaching, teachers as long as the Prepare the lesson to read good information, in the classroom at any time can easily call the contents of the call. After returning home, students can also according to the layout of teachers or their own needs, on-demand, call teaching resources, preview, study and review. Students can also be through the online and teachers or other students to consult, discuss.