Do These Three Points, Easy To Solve The Megaphones Howling!

Do these three points, easy to solve the Megaphones howling!

Many people in the use of Megaphoness encountered howling problems are always helpless, do not know how to deal with. So how do we make the microphone howling? To make the microphone howling, we need to know why the Megaphones howling. The PA is that we send the sound through the microphone amplifier, and then through the Megaphones to enlarge the sound of the machine, if the sound of the speaker again into the microphone, the sound will be amplified again, when the amplifier can not withstand, the Megaphones will produce a harsh howling. Here are a few lessons to prevent Megaphones howling to share with you:

1. To avoid howling, you must first avoid putting the microphone in front of the horn.

2, if the sound of bumps will also refract rebound, so in a small space to use the Megaphones when the voice of the Megaphones do not open too big, otherwise the sound hit the wall, it will easily produce howling.

3, in the outside, the voice of the opportunity to rebound small, as long as the microphone collocation is good, usually not easy to produce howling.

Understand the cause of the Megaphones howling and precautions to prevent howling, a little attention in the use of Megaphoness will not produce howling.