Analysis Of Megaphones Circuit Design

The pre-stage circuit of the Megaphones is a circuit in which the input signal is directly coordinated, the Megaphones is applied, and the tone control is performed. Throughout the current Megaphones circuit, which is basically the input level with the op amp for the preMegaphones unit, the tone control part of the negative feedback and attenuation of the points. These two traditional tone control circuits have a gap with the current high standard of Megaphones requirements. It is another major problem in the design of the pre-stage circuit of the Megaphones, which is the function conversion of the input signal source with different intensity.

From the effect of tone control point of view, the equalizer control range and compensation effect is the best, so many users use the Megaphones in the Megaphones before the addition of an equalizer, to enhance the sound control effect. However, the current output of the equalizer signal are strong, already have the ability to directly drive the Megaphones circuit, so to undertake the equalizer output signal accurate next level should be only with the volume potentiometer pure Megaphones circuit. Therefore, after the equalization of the audio signal should not be the top of the Megaphones input at the input for public address. This is a lot of Megaphones manufacturers seem to have thought, so most of the front and rear merger Megaphoness are equipped with equalizer dedicated input, unfortunately, this Megaphones's balanced input is often the wrong place, and the equalizer The output signal is misdirected to a portion of the active input of the preceding stage for the re-amplification of the preceding stage, resulting in the use of the equalizer by the input of the equalization input when the overload distortion occurs.

Some of the so-called front and rear split-type Megaphoness, the front-class circuit independent one, anatomy of the pre-class circuit, it is only a simple tone control circuit only, the actual use must also be equipped with equalizer to get better amplification effect. The pre-stage circuit of the Megaphones is preferably designed in the form of an equalizer circuit. This pre-stage circuit is in place and the user can reduce the additional part of the equalizer. As the intensity of the various signal sources are different, it is necessary to coordinate the input strength of various signals before the function switch, to properly attenuate the excess signal, or to take the necessary amplification measures for the weak signal, In order to obtain the same intensity of the input signal, is the basic method of coordination

Now the audio configuration has been inclined to a variety of units of audio equipment separately purchased, the combination of supporting the direction of development. The technical requirements of the audio equipment to format, is to comply with this consumer demand, to achieve the development of domestic professional audio equipment system, out of the specifications of the only way to operate. The formatting here is not designed in the same circuit form, but some of the interface technical requirements should match. Like the radio head, and now the popular models on the market, some output signal is 103mV, some 150mV, 380mV, etc., so different manufacturers go each way, for the megaphone radio input function of the reasonable design will increase Difficulty. If the radio head of the signal output intensity are set at 150mV, so that the radio can be the radio input circuit of the best match set at 150mV input point, the consumer to go separately to buy, there is no matching to worry about.

At present, the power Megaphones of the Megaphones and speaker is recommended to use the same power unit. It should be said that the use of PMS continuous power for the power unit is more scientific, should be unified with this power unit.

Circuit Design Method of Megaphones

For the design of the Megaphones circuit, we must first do a full market research, understand the hot market demand to meet the actual needs of users. Good at tasting the sound of the designer design of the Megaphones, should be cited advanced acoustic circuit, the choice of high-end components, the higher the cost, enthusiasts will be generous. With the "Dolby Pro Logic Decoder" for the sound processing center of the Megaphones is upstart popular models. This Megaphones Megaphones Megaphones main channel can be used to design high-grade discrete components circuit, the home, surround channel is appropriate to use the opener (or tube) to promote the sound field effect tube for the final output of the Megaphones circuit. Sink different forms of Megaphones circuit in one, complement each other, the effect of brilliance.