Mini Megaphone (MP-01)

Mini Megaphone (MP-01)
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Product Details

Product features:

1. This Mini Megaphone (MP-01) is small in size and easy to carry. Its biggest feature is that it can support TF\SD card intelligent decoding or connect to a variety of audio equipment such as laptops and mobile phones. This product has a cool shape, a trendy style, and a personalized color palette, so it can give you a variety of options.

2. This Mini Megaphone (MP-01) we produce integrates power amplifier, battery and dual speakers. In addition, it also has a telescopic expansion resonance chamber, which solves the problem of narrow speaker resonance cavity. It has an advanced PA loudspeaker for stable transmission and low power consumption. Mini Megaphone (MP-01) features a built-in magnet 16-core speaker that is custom-tailored to avoid distortion and achieve richer natural sound. Dual 3W drivers provide good surround sound stereo. It supports 5 playback modes: MICPHONE, TF card, USB, LINE IN and FM. It has an LED display for your convenience.


Output power:  5W RMS
Frequency response: 87.5Hz to 108kHz
Input sensitivity: 600 ±50mV
Impedance: 4O
SNR: =85dB
Distortion: THD 0.3%
Battery: 18650 1200mah
Power supply: USB/5V DC
Product size (L x W x H): 114*91*43MM

Accessories: strap, charge cable, Micphone,

Weight: 205g ±5g
Colors: Red, Black, Blue