outdoor bluetooth megaphones

Product Details

Product features:

1. This outdoor bluetooth megaphone with wireless microphone provides enough volume and is designed for large indoor and outdoor work. High output allows you to project your voice clearly between 50-200 people in a clear and loud way. The high-quality wireless transmission technology guarantees a stable wireless connection in the open area. This product can be paired with an adjustable belt entrainment to make the voice amplifier easy to carry. It also has a voice booster.

2. You can easily access Bluetooth-enabled devices via Aux input. outdoor bluetooth megaphone also supports TF card, USB flash drive and recording function. You can also zoom in on your voice and play music at the same time. It is a portable voice amplifier for teachers. outdoor bluetooth megaphone has a comfortable wireless headset microphone with detachable earloops, headphones and handheld operation, so you can use whatever style you want.


Output power:  5W RMS
Frequency response: 87.5Hz to 108kHz
Input sensitivity: 600 ±50mV
Impedance: 4O
SNR: =85dB
Distortion: THD 0.3%
Battery: 18650 1200mah
Power supply: USB/5V DC
Product size (L x W x H): 122*87*42MM 
Accessories: strap, charge cable, Micphone, 
Weight: 181g ±5g
Colors: Red, Black, Blue