Microphone battery classification

Microphone battery category:

Loudspeaker batteries on the market are divided into two kinds, one is the nickel-metal hydride battery, a lithium battery, which are the main two categories.

Battery type category:

Loudspeaker on the market are divided into two categories, one is a custom lithium-ion battery, common is a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries, but the capacity to shape will be different.

Battery model:

Teaching amplifiers on the market can be divided into normal 18650 14650 battery.

This a paragraph battery is 18650 battery, single section of, General 18650 battery capacity are in 1000 Ma above, loudspeakers manufacturers different, using of 18650 battery of capacity also different, many manufacturers are with of is 1200 Ma, like jade sound brand loudspeakers, using of is 1800 Ma of. loudspeakers lithium battery capacity small price cheap, many manufacturers to save production cost, are used of is lower capacity of battery.