Microphone and speaker: General?

Amplifiers and speakers that we often use two devices, amplified sound is generally not of sound, that there is no way to connect the loudspeaker on a speaker, loudspeaker voice more better?

1 zoom, microphone, audio signals are generally refers to devices. It should have both amplifier part output section (speaker). Speakers generally refers to the speaker box. It is the speaker in a to resonate with "box", it can be also used without amplifier with amplification circuit (called the source with passive). If you want to power audio output through the speaker amplifier with low output, then the speaker must select a source.

2, the loudspeaker can be used when speakers and Mp3 inputs connected with the audio cable. General effect. If you want to make special attention to music centers, many specification, electro-acoustics and more complicated, I will not move on.