Maintenance method of loudspeaker

Loudspeakers are small electrical products, needs careful maintenance, said below about how to maintain an amplifier to increase the service life of the loudspeakers, see note below.

1. protect the microphone, the microphone is one of the most easily damaged parts, long line interface often used when we were into the microphone plug please pay more attention not to overexert.

2. do not pull the microphone cord, especially parts of the interface, it is easy to damage, usually not too much attention to the movements of the body.

3. battery of maintenance, battery first times using Qian must to filling good electric, then again using, using process in the must to note power, if voice obviously variable small, we on should note charging has, if electric put of had dry battery may on forever also filling not into electric has, these life common sense everyone must to know of, phone battery is as, long-term without of situation to must to filling good electric again save, like some teacher put winter has, forget has charging, results holiday back battery natural discharge put electric all put finished, battery on bad has , Microphone is not used, so to be saved after charging, charging save on a regular basis.

4. takes note of proofing, loudspeakers are electrical products, lines of the circuit board if the humidity is too high, prone to oxidation, so put it in a dry place.