Loudspeakers without batteries for a long time what to protect?

For teachers, amplifier is a necessity for the teacher, it was plagued by many teachers away from the occupational-disease-inductive. Microphone help the teacher in class, reduce the burden on teachers ' voice, holidays, teachers amplifier battery how to maintain it?

1, long unused lithium batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place, with half (full electric power 70--80%, if your cell phone with display 4 bars, 3 squares) best, full storage of the danger and the battery will be damaged, electricity storage batteries will be damaged. Every 3-6 months, check whether a supplement charge.

2, can be separated into liquid electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries lithium-ion batteries and lithium-ion polymer battery, polymer electrolyte for lithium-ion battery is gel will not flow, so there are no leaks, and more secure.

Lithium battery of the loudspeakers is very problematic, but when the loudspeaker battery long time according to the above method to save and practical lithium battery of the loudspeakers, to extend microphone battery life.