Loudspeakers the correct charging of the lithium-ion batteries!

Amplifier is widely used in many occasions, loudspeaker lithium-ion battery determines the life of the loudspeakers. Typically lithium battery to charge the 300-500 cycle, we can understand the lithium battery life and total charge capacity of the battery-related, and the number of charge has nothing to do, then how do normal wireless lithium-ion battery charging it?

1, in fact, shallow shallow filling more beneficial for lithium batteries, only the power supply module for battery calibration, deep deep filled necessary. So, using the lithium-powered products do not have to adhere to the procedure, all for convenience, charges at any time, without fear of affecting life.

2, regular use. Life is movement. In order to play the lithium-ion battery to maximize performance, you need to use it, electronic has always been in a State of flow in the battery. If you don't use lithium, lithium must remember that every month, please complete a charge cycle, do a battery calibration, namely deep depth charge. Microphone battery not charging at low temperature.

If in a low temperature environment, using lithium or 4 ° c below, also found that battery life has decreased, some phones even filling in the original battery at low temperatures without electricity. But don't worry too much, it is just a temporary situation, different from using in high temperature environment, once the temperature rises, the molecules in the battery heated, immediately restored to its former power.

3, to avoid charging at high temperature. If the operating temperature specified in the above, or more than 35 ° c environment using lithium, battery power will continue to decrease, long battery battery life will not be as usual. If at such temperatures, but also to charge the device, damage to the batteries will be even greater. Even storing batteries in a hot environment, it will inevitably cause damage to the battery quality. So, try to keep the fitness benefits of operating temperature is a good way to extend the battery life.