Loudspeaker microphone use tips

Wireless use in the teacher's teaching is very extensive, are prone to feedback problems when using a wireless microphone problem, solve the problems need to pay attention to the skill of using a microphone, to a large extent reduce the whine of the loudspeakers.

1, when the teacher was wearing a microphone, note that the best position is closer to the sound source 5-10cm, if too close will produce distortion. If it is too far away, the microphone is included in other voices, also affects outgoing voice clarity.

2, to avoid teaching loudspeaker microphone on the speaker, microphone directly to speakers, sound system, forming a closed loop, will produce positive feedback Oscillation (whistle).

3, used a hand-held microphone, the network had better not hold his hand on the microphone head, may cause serious damage to frequency response, also because of the accumulation of the Palm, focus, feedback and so on.

4, hands clenched teaching launch sites of the loudspeakers, microphones are connected to the transmitter, when we hold, and will greatly attenuate the transmission power, affect reception.