Acoustic head of microphone and microphone

Sound reproduction, or transducer pole, as the core components of the microphone directly determine the performance index of microphones. How to select and use, we are most concerned about the topic.

Humans ears sense sounds and electro-acoustic technology in the microphone to receive sound information. For example, recording, broadcasting, communications, hearing, and so on are all rely on microphones to pick up sound. Some even say that, no microphones, no electro-acoustic technology. Because the microphones are always work in stereo, the first link of electro-acoustic system, whose quality is actually the level of fidelity of the sound source. Therefore, the microphone in the electro-acoustic technologies, especially in the high-fidelity technology is a key part of our microphones and miking when electronic products, proper understanding of sound reproduction and choice will give you twice the revenues of acoustic head!