Home Karaoke DVD player with led display

Product Details

Product introduction:

Home Karaoke DVD player with led display has full karaoke function to record and retain songs, key controls, echoes, microphone music, music volume, vocals on/off, TEMPO, GOTO and more. It has multiple angles, multiple views, multiple audio, and multiple subtitles. It supports slow motion, fast play and track jump. It has high-definition sound and pictures, so it gives you a good playback experience.

Product features:

1. This Home Karaoke DVD player with led display is equipped with a digital LED display. It includes a remote control and has an RCA audio input (L / R). Its amplifier system is compact and powerful, so you can enjoy a better playback experience. Dual microphone input connector jack. At the same time, this product can also be compatible with audio or computer equipment.

2. Built-in Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming. In addition, it can also use SD memory card and USB flash drive card reader. It is compatible with almost all your favorite Bluetooth devices. It has good audio input. It supports multi-channel signal input and can be connected to audio signals such as computer / MP3 / DVD / CD.

3. Audio output 4 particle terminal column is L, left + R right channel output point, positive and negative terminals are connected to the speaker. It is user friendly and has multiple languages built for Midi-disc playback. It has a multi-index search so you can easily find the songs you like. It has a professional karaoke function to facilitate the selection of music scenes. Home Karaoke DVD player with led display can automatically play songs and images with random playback.


Supports: Game/USB/SD card/5.1cannel functions

Solution:Sunplus 8202RD+ SANYO 850 lens+ 22A Power board

Output power:  15W 

Product power: 5W

Power supply: DC 12V

Product size (L x W x H): 360*210*38MM

Accessories: Remote control, AV Cable,user manual