110-240V Game DVD Player

Product Details

Product features:

1. This 110-240V Game DVD Player is a karaoke media player with multiple microphone inputs and a variety of options for playing various karaoke media. It has built-in echo and volume control. When you use USB playback, simply plug the USB storage drive or external hard drive into the DVD player. You can also play music directly from the speakers of your DVD player and transfer movies and photos to the big screen. You also can use it to enjoy a game.

2. This 110-240V Game DVD Player offers a variety of convenient features. It provides 480p standard definition output via composite/component output. It automatically adjusts for defective disc reading solutions to ensure that entertainment is not interrupted by finger marks or scratches on DVDs and CDs.

3. 110-240V Game DVD Player has advanced scrolling actuator technology and can even adjust the lens angle to compensate for curved or slanted disc surfaces. It removes dust particles from the DVD player's lens as the disc rotates to ensure a clearer picture.


Supports: Super intension error correction,Copy/Power off memory /USB play/Karaoke

Solution:Sunplus 8202RD+ SANYO 850 lens+22A power board+double microphone+2 in 1 card reader

Output power:  20W 

Product power: 5W

Power supply: DC 12V

Product size (L x W x H): 225*180*38MM

Accessories: Remote control, AV Cable,user manual

Game DVD Player.pdf