NFC bluetooth speaker

NFC bluetooth speaker
Product Details

Product introduction:

This NFC bluetooth speaker can eliminate stereo sound. It has a rich bass, a compact midrange and clear treble. The inflated sound is enough to fill any room. The cabinet adopts a beautiful all-metal appearance, and the appearance is mature, stable, high-grade and fashionable. Cool metallic feel, strong and practical.

Product features:

1. This NFC bluetooth speaker is smaller, lighter, safer and more intimate. It has a good drive system and built-in MP3 player, recorder, speaker, and battery pack. It can be charged via the included power adapter or micro USB cable. The compact size and waterproof and impact resistance make it an ideal portable entertainment system.

2. This NFC bluetooth speaker can play your audio in a variety of ways. Simply pair your device via Bluetooth or NFC wireless, or via a USB or AUX-in wired connection. You can even store songs on a micro SD card and play them directly from the speakers.

3. You can flatten the speakers for space and balanced audio, or support speakers for louder and more direct audio. It also supports high-definition wireless audio codecs - apt and AAC, which provide high quality audio for Bluetooth transmission.