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Product features:

1. This WIFI INTELLIGENT SPEAKER has advanced artificial intelligence and stable transmission. It's a one-button machine, so you can talk to the machine, ask for music, check weather forecasts, set patterns, talk stories, and more. It supports voice control, so it's easy and convenient when you use it, it allows you to really work and live efficiently and easily. It's very small, so you can place it wherever you want it. The bottom of it is stable, so it can be placed on the plane very smoothly.

2. This WIFI INTELLIGENT SPEAKER is a hands-free speaker controlled by your voice. All you have to do is ask. When you want to use it, just speak the wake up words and it will respond immediately. It uses far field speech recognition. It can hear you asking questions from any direction and has multi-room control. WIFI INTELLIGENT SPEAKER plays all the music, so you can let your smart speaker play anything with just a voice command.


Output power:10W*2
Frequency response:40-20KHz
SNR: =85dB
Power supply: AUX/TF/5V DC
Product size (L x W x H):250*140*80MM
Weight: 1.5kg

Product display: