Professional Sport Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Details

Product features:

1. This Professional Sport Bluetooth Speaker has a precision acoustic driver, so it has a unique mid-range and high-pitched sound. Our proprietary passive bass heatsink design delivers outstanding stereo and enhanced bass. It provides maximum volume without distortion. It is suitable for families, dormitories, kitchens, bathrooms, cars, parties.

2. Professional Sport Bluetooth Speaker has true wireless stereo capabilities. It's ultra-portable because it's designed to be comfortable and has no square edges, making it ideal for travel and hiking. It is built with advanced components to provide accurate response over the entire frequency range.

3. Professional Sport Bluetooth Speaker's cabinet has a unique design to ensure that the standing wave in the box is reduced and the sound effect is enhanced. The Bluetooth technology used in this product is an instant technology that is easy to install and set up and requires no cables to connect.


Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 2.1

Output power:  3W RMS

Frequency response: 150Hz to 18kHz

Input sensitivity: 600 ±50mV

Impedance: 4O

SNR: =85dB

Distortion: THD 0.3%

Battery: BL-5C/3.7V 400mah

Power supply: USB/5V DC

Product size (L x W x H): 74*42*100MM

Weight: 179g ±5g

Colors: blue,red,

Supports 4 play modes: Bluetooth, TF card, Aux in and FM

Supports TF card APE/FLAC/WMA/MP3 music format

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