portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Product Details

Product features:

1. This portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker has advanced Bluetooth V2.1, built-in magnet 16-core speaker, dual 3W drive powerful surround sound. It supports Bluetooth, TF card, USB, MIC, EARPHONE, REC, REPETE, Aux in and FM playback modes. It supports TF card and USB APE / FLAC / WMA / MP3, high fidelity music format.

2. portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker's acoustic driver and advanced bass enhancement technology delivers a premium CD quality audio experience without delay. It is ideal for outdoor use. It delivers great sound no matter where you install it. The speaker is weatherproof and its cabinet is waterproof and UV resistant.

3. The portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker is equipped with powerful woofer and balanced dome tweeter to provide clear audio at a variety of frequencies. This best outdoor Bluetooth speaker features a portable, compact design. Its sound quality is rich and delicate. You can turn up the volume on the outdoor speakers without any distortion near the maximum volume level. The sound of the vocal performance is very clear, and the sound and music are incredibly separated. Listening to electronics and hip hop music sounds great and can be heard in a deep and powerful rhythm.


Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 2.1

Output power:  5W RMS

Frequency response: 150Hz to 18kHz

Input sensitivity: 600 ±50mV

Impedance: 4O

SNR: =85dB

Distortion: THD 0.3%

Battery: BL-5C/3.7V 2400mah

Power supply: USB/5V DC

Product size (L x W x H): 110*60*177MM

Weight: 500g ±5g

Colors: Red, Black, Blue